Bread’n Egg Toast

My go to, easy and quick breakfast meal. It combines perfect with coffee and keeps me full for hours. It’s very handy to carry on the morning commute too.


  • Brown Bread – 2 slices
  • Egg – 1
  • Milk – 1 tablespoon
  • Butter – 1 serving
  • Tomato – 1
  • Cucumber
  • Salt and pepper


There are 2 methods, first is the quick and easy one, second is a slightly longer method.

Easy Method (Prep time 5 mins) :

  • Pop the bread into the toaster, normal setting for 4 minutes.
  • Crack open the egg into a tea cup, pour in milk, whisk for 15-20 seconds.
  • Now throw the cup into the microwave for 1 min on high.
  • Slice the tomato and cucumber- 4 slices each (preferable)
  • Check the cup in the microwave, use a fork and scramble the egg. Leave it in for 30 seconds more.
  • The toaster should have popped by now, butter the bread.
  • Spread the scrabbled egg on the bread, add the tomato, cucumber slices, pinch of salt, pepper and ITS DONE !!

Method 2 (Prep time 10 minutes) :

  • Heat up a non stick pan with few drops of olive oil.
  • Crack open the egg in a cup, add milk and whisk for 15 seconds.
  • Pour the whisked egg on the pan leave to simmer for 30-40 seconds, then start scrambling, now leave it to sit on the pan for about 30 seconds until the egg is cooked and move it to a dish.
  • Switch off the stove, butter the bread on one side and place the buttered side down on the pan for 2 mins. (the heat of the pan will toast the bread just enough)
  • Slice the tomato and cucumber.
  • Add the scrambled egg on the bread, place the tomato cucumber slices over it and top with a dash of salt/ pepper. ITS DONE !!

The difference between method 1 and 2 is how the scrambled egg and toast are made. Scrambled egg sure does taste better when done on the pan. However, it takes longer than the microwave method and also I end up having more dishes to wash. I prefer method 1 just because I am lazy and always in a hurry😅.

I don’t know the exact macros but I do believe this meal is healthy enough, it has bread for carbs and egg for protein. As they say breakfast, sure is an important meal of the day, do try this and thank me later.

Enjoy !!

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