About Me

Ramanathan Muthu

My full name has 27 letters, making it longer than all the alphabets put together. Soon after realizing how awesome my name is, my parents came up with this ingenious idea and discovered the letters – RAM, hidden in my name. (I know they could have just named me Ram in the first place, but what’s the fun in that😆)

Flash back – Once upon a time long long ago (25 years ago) was born an awesome kid (me, obviously!). For some random unknown reason, I have always been attracted to cars, by this statement I mean, I was bad at school (random fact). Growing up I have always done random things at randomest times.(I still do)

Flash forward, here I am living through a global pandemic, writing my ramdumb blog.

I am a typical ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ type of person. I do things I am not qualified to do, and I do a lot of stuff I am not supposed to be doing, Sounds cool right? Well, read my blogs to find out 🤣

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